Launch of the TBE Multibend ‘Three Head’ Series – 2015

Automotive Wire

TBE is pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovation – The TBE Multibend ‘Three Head’ Series. This development is being officially launched during Q3, 2015 – with the delivery of Multibend Three Head Series Machines already completed and in production; manufacturing very complex automotive industry wire products to the highest standards of accuracy, efficiency and repeatability.

Representing the latest enhancement to the TBE Multibend Series, this development facilitates the accurate and rapid production of very complex wire products in the 1.0MM – 6.0MM wire diameter range and is particularly suited to automotive wire product applications.

Incorporating all of the benefits of standard TBE Technology; (including the global availability of all components within TBE Machines) – the TBE Multibend ‘Three Head’ Series offers the potential to efficiently manufacture some of the most complex wire products currently trending in the marketplace; without having any impact on overall output and most importantly; without significantly impacting overall total investment costs.

Please contact TBE for further information; including videos of this development in production.