Sinubend Series

Sinubend Series

Sinubend Series Highlights

Typical Wire Form Diameter Range Ø:
1.0MM to 6.5MM.

Wire Bending Tooling Heads:
Presently; the TBE Multibend Series is available in a Four Head configuration.

Most suitable for the production of Automotive Wire Forms and Seating/Bedding Support Wire Forms; however the Sinubend Series has capability for production of components across all sectors.

Not Applicable.

TBE Sinubend Series

Launched in 2012, the TBE Sinubend Series represents an industry leading development for the rapid production of complex Sinuous Wire Forms and related components.

Key Characteristics

  • 16 Servo Axes Standard – Optional up to 20 Axes
  • On-Board Program Storage
  • Pitch Control on Bending Heads
  • Servo Index Unit For 3-D Rotation
  • Integrated Decoiler
  • Full Diagnostic and Fail Safe Systems
  • Low Cost Tooling Solution – Rapid Changeover Times
  • Touch Screen Programming Controls – Allen-Bradley®

Optional Additions

  • Combined Straightening System: 2– Axis Synchronised Spinner Straightener
  • Conveyor System for packing Wire Forms
  • Feeder Encoder System