Global Supply Partners

T. Butler Engineering Ltd partners with leading global suppliers to ensure that the highest quality; globally available components are present within our equipment. Such global component availability ensures that operating downtime is minimised where technical issues arise; with local support ensuring prompt resolution.

All of our global supply partners operate to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

festo - globally available components


Festo pneumatics form an integral part of TBE machines and support many of our in-line manufacturing and process solutions. Festo are a supply partner of TBE for over 20 years; with a global support service ensuring that all of our customers can source replacement components and technical support in their local markets.

hmk - globally available components

HMK Automation & Drives

HMK Automation & Drives (based in the United Kingdom) are our supply partner for precision rack gears and actuators; which are integral to supporting many of the manufacturing and process solutions in TBE machines.

neugart - globally available components


Neugart (based in Germany) are our supply partner for precision gearboxes and customised gear parts.

neves - globally available components

Neves & Neves Engineering

Neves & Neves Engineering (based in Portugal) are our supply partner for precision machined parts and general tooling components.

rockwell -globally available components

Rockwell Automation – Allen Bradley

This equipment is in the servo controlled programming of TBE machines. With a worldwide technical support network and global inventory of replacement parts; engineers can be readily available on-site to address any technical issues and provide support generally.