TBE Multibend – High Speed (MB-HS) Series

TBE is pleased to announce the launch of our latest, highly innovate development – The TBE Multibend, High Speed (MB-HS) series.

T Butler Engineering - innovative tooling Representing a further significant refinement of our existing Multibend series technology, the MB-HS series has been developed to facilitate the production of very large volumes – which traditionally has only been feasible through the use of a mechanical machine.

The MB-HS series offers consistent, unparalleled production speeds whilst providing exceptional accuracy and end quality components. It also offers both low cost innovative tooling options and broad flexibility – all key aspects of the general TBE Multibend series.

The TBE Multibend, High Speed series (MB-HS) machinery can produce components from a wire size, beginning at a diameter of 1.5 (MM).

For more information on this latest development, please contact T. Butler Engineering Ltd or our respective global representatives directly to obtain video links of the TBE 30 – (MB-HS) in production. Furthermore, you can obtain further detail on this development, including the standard wire end configuration options available by clicking on the link below:

TBE Multibend (High Speed) series – (MB-HS) – 2011 [ 500KB PDF]