Irish PM On Hand For TBE’s New Software Launch

An Taoiseach, (The Irish Prime Minister) Mr. Bertie Ahern, visited T. Butler Engineering Ltd. at Fiddown to launch TBE’s new software product.

The company is owned by Thomas and Joan Butler and was founded in 1988. They manufacture wire forming, spring making and special purpose machinery for the construction industry, computer, automotive, bedding and medical industry.

TBE’s customers are based in Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, United States, South America, Australia and New Zealand. They are the only Irish company to exhibit bi-annually at the Wire and Tube show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

An Taoiseach (The Irish Prime Minister) visited TBE to launch their new software which they have developed themselves. This is new technology and it will give TBE a major advantage in the market place for special projects.

T Butler Engineering - Special Purpose MachineryIn his address, the Taoiseach said:

The defining feature of T. Butler Engineering is your ability to innovate.

Even in the hard times you were able to identify niches in the market and hone your skills in order to meet demand in the manufacturing industry. And, today that is evident in the launch of your new software that will enable you to write your own machine codes and develop customised software for your clients.

“Small businesses, such as T. Butler Engineering, are of paramount importance to the Irish economy and I wish you all every success with your ongoing development.”